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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The narrator thing

Recently, I  use the name Jay Mack as a voice over, It's a lot easier to pronounce and remember than my real name, Julian Macfarlane.  But, still, most of my work -- narration, voice over work, copywriting, voice casting, studio direction --is done under the old handle.  And my company is called  Julian Company-- which was always convenient for answering the phone.  July is the month the company started -- and my favorite Roman Emperor, is Julian the Apostate .  As for the narrator, voice-over stuff, I mostly do translation and copywritilng here in Tokyo.  Narration, narration, narration....ah...what can you say?  The life of a would-be "narrator" cum voice-over artist is not an easy one. So, naturally, I have opinions and just shit I have to get off my chest. Hence the blog

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